Welcome at Smart Champs Academy

Smart Champs Academy was founded with a noble vision to create academically elegant and value-based preschool for children. We aspire to be the first choice of parents to ensure us to build a strong foundation for their child’s future. Set in the serene yet very fast developing locality of Sinhagad road. Smart Champs Academy has emerged rapidly as a great brand of repute and is well known for its international curriculum, facilities, eloquent teachers and caring staff.

From the Founder Director ………

EducationAvinash Doiphode

Our Motto is,” Excellence in Education and All Round Development”

Welcome to Smart Champs Pre-Primary School in Association with Igloo kids International.

SMART CHAMPS was founded with a noble vision to create academically unique and value added preschool for children. We aspire to be the first choice of parents to ensure us to build a strong foundation for their child’s future.

It is widely accepted that traditional chalk and talk model of content oriented teaching cannot adequately prepare the young pupil for the future.  We believe in bringing up children who are happy, bright and independent thinkers. This becomes possible when all the areas of development are focused in a balanced way.

– Mr. Avinash Doiphode


It is our endeavor to cultivate the creative spirit inherits in every child. A variety of facilities, value, culture and opportunities are provided to our children to hone their skills and maximize their potentials.

We provide a unique international education in CBSC pattern and equal opportunity to be a part of these delightful years and witness the transformation of kids into young and confident children ready to make mark for themselves.

The staff is motivated to improve teaching standards in school. Pupils are taught using the methodology that embeds global theme in the curriculum. It gives context to practice new skills, information and communication technologies in a safe and structured manner. It is rightly quoted by M.H. Fischer “All the world is a laboratory to the inquisitive mind”

– Mrs. Vidya Kunte

Our Vision

To nurture a generation of children, we want to help children become contributing member of the community and be the citizen of the world. We empower to reach their potential and planting the seeds of lifelong growth. We want children to be independent thinkers and honest global citizens who would believe in simple living and high thinking.

Our Mission

To protect, educate and nurture young children in a safe, stimulating, joyous, supportive and positive environment so that developed love for learning. Our curriculum fosters problem-solving skills, encourages diversion thinking. It imbibes values like self-esteem, and respect for others.


The pre-primary section is very creative and innovative section. The young students of the pre-primary section are in their formative years of life, which make them more curious, fast to learn, creative and easy to mold. We take utmost care of this delicate section. To groom the personalities of all these young students, we conduct the host of activities.

There are glimpses of activities conducted throughout the year…….


The new and interesting methods of education for our little children allow quickly and easily acquiring the information.


Educational games help to develop the main character traits of your children and make study process interesting and joyful.


Chile-friendly, Stress free environment.we don’t create unnecessary complexity at preschool level.